Chef David Weigold Innovates with Regional, Seasonal Ingredients Across the U.S.

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate dining, one trend that is becoming increasingly clear is the permanent shift towards regional and seasonal menu design. Spearheading this initiative is Chef David Weigold, Regional Corporate Executive Chef of Professional Dining at Elior North America, who is pioneering a strategy to cater directly to the tastes and preferences of various American regions.

Chef Weigold & Chef Clegg are production planning in the kitchen

Chef Weigold emphasizes the necessity of tuning into the local and seasonal dynamics of food production, ensuring that the menus resonate well with the local palates while supporting regional agriculture.

Here’s a deeper dive into how Chef Weigold and his team in Professional Dining leverage local, seasonal ingredients across different U.S. regions during the month of May:


Boston, Massachusetts: In May, Boston’s markets are brimming with fresh seafood and early spring vegetables. Chef Weigold capitalizes on this by featuring dishes like pan-seared Atlantic cod paired with a vibrant spring pea risotto. Locally harvested asparagus and morel mushrooms make an appearance in side dishes and salads, offering a true taste of New England spring. Vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and radishes are more plentiful at certain times of the year, and we make the best use of this availability. “The spring menu, for example, will feature fiddleheads, a delicacy with a very short season,” highlighting the chef’s commitment to making the most of these limited-time offerings.

Atlantic Cod, seasonal dishThe South: In the Southern states, May is the perfect time to highlight ingredients like sweet Vidalia onions and crisp snap peas, which are at their peak. Chef Weigold incorporates these into traditional dishes such as succotash or as accompaniments to grilled local meats. Fresh herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro are particularly vibrant at this time and can be used to add fresh flavors to a variety of dishes. Fresh fruits start to become abundant like peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon.

The Midwest: Known for its rich soils, the Midwest produces a bounty of root vegetables and leafy greens during May. Chef Weigold incorporates fresh produce like asparagus, beets, and turnips into plant-forward entrees. Salad bars are stocked with in-season greens like spinach, kale, lettuces and fresh herbs. But don’t forget about the local dairy farmers. This region will see nostalgic favorites such as cheese curds, supporting nearby Wisconsin agriculture, and catering to the regional tastes.

Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad

By integrating and balancing these regionally and seasonally inspired dishes, Chef Weigold not only brings freshness to the table but also supports our local farmer and producer partners, reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with our food transportation. This sustainable approach ensures that the ingredients are fresher, retaining more nutrients and flavor, leading to healthier and more delicious meals.

We hope that this not only elevates dining experiences, but also fosters a greater connection between our guests and their local food landscapes. Chef David Weigold continues to reinvigorate the culinary presence in corporate dining across the United States, setting a new standard for what it means to eat well at work.