Dedicated leaders Sue Krynicki and Mike Cicolini Ignite Summer Excitement in Professional Dining

As the summer months bring a quieter atmosphere to offices, multi-tenant buildings, and professional dining spaces, leaders Sue Krynicki and Mike Cicolini are turning up the heat with their creative and collaborative approaches to client partnerships. Sue and Mike have the pleasure of leading large teams that operate cafes, barista bars, micro markets, and catering for our client with locations in Virginia and Massachusetts.

When summer approaches, understanding the need to reward those still in the office during peak vacation times has become a critical need, but a fun creative outlet. Sue and Mike have designed a series of innovative programs to keep the offerings fresh and exciting.

Engaging Summer-Themed Menu Creations

Sue and Mike, alongside their talented executive chefs, have curated a diverse array of summer-themed menus including:

  • Summer Luau: Inspired by a C-Suite Executive from Hawaii, this event featured a traditional pig roast and vibrant Luau uniforms. “We love providing meaningful experiences and being thoughtful,” says Mike Cicolini.
  • Bi-Weekly Summer BBQs: Regular outdoor BBQ events bring a classic summer feel, complete with grilled menu classics.
  • Farm-to-Table Initiatives: Sue & Mike aim to “keep the original Corporate Chefs’ spirit alive” with bake sales and Farmer’s Market setups, offering treats like blueberry pies, loaf breads, and local honey. Dohlio Pizzas, salad
  • Pizza Al Forno: Outdoor pizza events featuring individual artisan pies, with personal boxes for convenience. Chef Robert Weinstein incorporates the trendy Mike’s Hot Honey in his recipes, and in New England, Chef Mario Carranza is using fresh produce, like arugula, to create an even more nutritious option of this Italian classic.
  • Ice Cream Carts: While some believe that Ice Cream Socials are a thing of the past, we wholeheartedly embrace New Englanders’ love for ice cream. Our guests enjoy this nostalgic treat in various forms — from convenient novelties to a curated Ice Cream Sundae bar featuring the finest offerings from Vermont creameries.

Value Balance and Catering to Interns with Gen Z Tastes

With 450 interns joining for the summer, Sue and Mike have anticipated the trends and preferences of Gen Z, incorporating popular Elior North America Culinary Concepts such as Citizen Chicken, WeBurg, and SeoulTown. They’ve even partnered with a local sushi business to satisfy the growing demand for international flavors. Their additional strategies include:

  • “Next Gen” Menus: Realizing the need to diversify menu offerings, our leaders are focused on providing premium ingredients, from 8oz. Wagyu burgers on Brioche Rolls to Ribeye Steaks with compound butter, ensuring that even the pickiest foodies are satisfied. “Premium Meals selling for $12 are becoming increasingly popular when the value is clearly demonstrated,” says Mike Cicolini.
  • Balanced Offerings: Combining Premium Menu Item Offerings several days per week, balanced with approachable favorites, like $7.95 Quesadillas, ensures variety and accessibility. Sue Krynicki points out, “It’s important to offer more traditional offerings, as these appeal to most generations, but it’s also critical to provide value and affordability today.” Balance has become the key to their success, keeping guests curious and supportive of this amenity.

Citizen Chicken Tender Basket with fries, biscuits, mac & cheese Guests ordering Citizen Chicken SeoulTown Bibimbap Bowl






Special Events and Innovations

Sue and Mike’s strategic focus on themed experiences and new concepts is evident in their wide array of special events and promotions, designed to drive traffic and engagement:

  • Unique Catering Ideas & Themed Days: From their Luau to bake sales and farm-to-table initiatives, each event is crafted to bring joy and nostalgia to the dining experience. Celebrations like Donut Day and Fried Chicken Day add a fun twist to the regular offerings, and truthfully appeal to guests of all generations.
  • Cold Snap Grand Opening: Because New Englander’s love their ice cream, we searched for an innovative and convenient ice cream solution for offices. In a bid to offer something beyond the traditional ice cream social, Sue and Mike introduced Cold Snap to their clients, a cutting-edge ice cream dispenser technology by a local Massachusetts company. This modern machine conveniently makes this summer treat easily available. It’s already turning heads in office pantries due to its mess-free nature.
Cold Snap Machine, image provided by Cold Snap
Cold Snap Machine, image provided by Cold Snap

Through their innovative approaches, Sue Krynicki and Mike Cicolini enhance the dining experience during the quieter summer months while demonstrating their commitment to creativity, client partnership, and culinary excellence.

Thank you, Sue & Mike!